About S. Joy P.

S. Joy P.

S. Joy P.

S. Joy P. was once told, “You understand the renaissance men better than you do those of nowadays.”

“Is that a flaw?” she asked.

Always fascinated with great men of the bygone era, she has been telling their fates since her high school years. With Vlad the Third, the Prince of Ungro-Wallachia and the duke of Amlas and Fagaras, she has been having a love affair lasting two decades. Twenty years ago, her first story featuring him was born, and more followed as time went by. She has never believed him to be a monster. For her, he has always been an honorable prince whose reputation was sorely damaged by his enemies.

When Love came to her with his tale, things and events clicked in their predestined place and the saga Dracula’s Love emerged from the fogs of time. Those who seek only blood and stakes and fangs in a tale about Vlad will not like it. Those who are willing to see him as a man with all human feelings, to consider his deeds through the lens of his time, to admire his greatness and to forgive his flaws… those are very welcome in S. Joy P.’s world.