Dracula’s Love Saga

Dragon’s Bounty

Dracula's Love, Book 1

Dracula’s Love, Book 1

In fifteenth century Wallachia, the self-serving boyars will do anything to advance their own positions, while the Hungarian king and the Ottoman sultan between them threaten to tear their country apart. One interest is shared by all: a weak prince on the Wallachian throne. A prince who bends easily.
But a fierce and spirited man rules the land – Vlad III of the House of Basarab, also known as Vlad Dracula, and he would rather break than bend. Murderers robbed him of his closest family. Pretenders lay claim to his titles. A noose of intrigue that reaches beyond the borders of his realm tightens around him. Undaunted, he fights for his ancestral rights and for the defence of Christendom. Through all his struggles, Love, known as The Englishman, stands true and faithful by his side.
Only Love is not the English mercenary he claims to be, but the god of Love who inadvertently uses his magic on himself, and falls passionately for the only man who claims not to have use for love – Vlad.
Turbulent events drag them both into a brutal clash of honor and duty against treachery and ambitions. Into a dance of swords in which a single wrong step can bring death.
And only one of them is immortal.
Dragon’s Bounty takes you on a sweeping adventure through medieval Wallachia and Transylvania. It is a sensitive love story woven around events seen through the eyes of a man in love with a warrior prince, a man as hard as the challenges he faces.

Series: Dragon’s Bounty is the first volume in the gay historical fantasy saga Dracula’s Love.
Genre: epic historical fantasy, fantasy and adventure, historical drama

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