Interview with the Author

Q: What makes the Dracula’s Love Series unique?
A: In short, its protagonists. Vlad Dracula isn’t portrayed here as a bloodthirsty sadist, but as an honorable and fierce prince who he truly was. Much of what you hear about him in the popular culture is the reflection of the propaganda older than five hundred years. My books don’t keep this myth alive. The Dracula’s Love Saga shows Vlad with both his greatness and his flaws. Some of his deeds might shock you, but if you are my reader, you’ll find yourself rooting for him all the same. Love, who always stands by his side, is as far from the popular image of a god of love as the Sun is from the Moon. He loves Vlad truly and fiercely, and can be brutal, cruel even to those who wrong his prince. He is all but a soft, lenient deity. These men defy all categorizations. They can’t be called heroes, antiheroes, or villains. On the pages of my books, they live their lives, with all the glory and misery they experienced, inspired, and caused. As Love himself eloquently puts it in Book 1, “This is not a hearth tale. It is our story, and through telling it, I live again everything that has happened to us. In my memory, loves, friends, and foes are all alive again. We repeat our deeds, and events take their own time to come. Why would I try to change them now or haste them along? I have no reason to lie. Love makes you blind, but lies not.
We are not heroes of a hearth tale. In our story, we sometimes won. Sometimes we lost. We loved, we hated, and we lived. Sometimes we chose right. Sometimes we chose wrong. At times we were heroic and fearless. At times fear filled our hearts. At times we knew tenderness. At times we knew no mercy. There were times both good and bad.”
The Dracula’s Love Saga lets you witness it all. Its protagonists will feel truly real to you, for good or ill. Some scenes may well bring water in your eyes and sharp ache around the heart. It certainly happened to me as I wrote them.
Q: Who is most likely to enjoy the Dracula’s Love Series?
A: The books speak to readers who love historical fantasy and powerful love stories, and who don’t avoid violence in their reading. The leitmotifs in my works are self-discovery, love and forgiveness, death and rebirth, guilt and redemption. Plots twist and turn from the beginning to the last page – best of all, many were written by life itself. I strive to stay close to the historical reality. Of course, given the fantasy genre, I do take some liberties, but I don’t disregard hard facts. I incorporate them in the story. The liberties I take fall in the territories uncharted in chronicles.
Q: You’ve mentioned a propaganda that has tainted Vlad’s reputation. Where can I learn the truth?
A: I’ve written a 3000-word-long article on this topic for my Circle of VIP Readers. Once you read it, you’ll know more about Vlad than anyone who isn’t a history geek deeply interested in Wallachia of the XVth century. To get an access, start here:
I’ll be delighted if you decide to join us.