We, King Henry VIII

We, King Henry VIII Part 1 coverHenry VIII of England seeks his way home – into the arms of his long-lost lover

On the 27th of January, 1547, at eleven o’clock at night, Henry VIII is mere three hours from his death. On his deathbed, he only pines to behold his true love one more time. To catch but a glimpse of Adhamh’s face – that he desires above all things. His whole life fearful of God, he would now give his mind, body, and soul to the Devil if the Dark Lord promised him but one more moment with his lost love. Only his heart Henry could not give, for Adhamh has it in his keeping. It has always been so, from the day they met.

Confined to his bed, the old king calls on his memories to grant him bittersweet succor which neither God nor the Devil provides. For in his recollections, he can reach his beloved and relive the past. Painful as the inner journey through time is, Henry takes it. In his heart and mind, he returns to the hot summer of the year 1521.

Once again, he is the most accomplished and the handsomest monarch of Christendom. And a man torn between love and duty. As he navigates the treacherous currents of court intrigue and foreign diplomacy, as he holds tight onto the shred of happiness that he allows himself to share with Adhamh, he remains unaware of the darkest danger looming above both of them. Foolishly, he dismisses warnings voiced by those who sense the threat which he refuses to acknowledge. But the menace is real and if it achieves its purpose, his own folly shall cost him the very thing which he values above all others. Adhamh’s presence in his life.

If you love King Henry VIII and like a touch of supernatural fantasy in your historical fiction, avail yourself of this autobiography that stays true to the cultural realities of renaissance England in the sixteenth century and to the facts of Henry’s life, twining them seamlessly with imagination. Through Henry’s memories, you can now witness the power of the bond that changed him, and through his deeds all England, forever.

Genres: Henry VIII of England: a fictional autobiography with supernatural aspects, historical drama, historical fiction about the Tudors

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